“At Bright Swimwear we are united in our vision to be part of the change. It is our goal to be a leader in ethical and consciously driven fashion.”

Sustainability in fashion is complex. The word itself can be confusing, are we talking about people or the planet? At Bright Swimwear we mean both. We also recognise its limitations because no fashion brand can claim to be 100% sustainable.

For us, it's not a destination, but a continuous journey of exploring and addressing the ethical, environmental and social impact of our actions. We’re the first to acknowledge that we are not perfect. There is always more to be achieved, but we are determined to be transparent and keep raising the bar.

This is our first annual Consciousness Report and I hope it shows you just how deep our commitment to responsible practices, processes and materials runs at Bright Swimwear. We are proud to share our results over the period January to December 2018, and invite you to follow our journey as we seek to continuously improve year on year.

Materials are important, but they are not the whole picture. We want Bright Swimwear to stand for women, our children, our planet and equal opportunities for all. We take our commitment to operating ethically very seriously, and endeavour to do our part leading the industry into an era of greater responsibility and consciousness.


Founder & Creative Director